City-Centre Halls Site To Be Developed

Uni are splashing the cash on yet more student accommodation. Beats living in an Alma Road hovel we suppose…

Construction is set to begin at the beginning of next year on a brand new halls location in central Southampton.

The University has acquired the Mayflower Plaza site, close to the central train station (and the god-awful council estate), where tower blocks of new halls will be built which will house up to 1,104 rooms.

Construction will begin in early 2013 and is currently due to be completed by the summer of 2014. 3 tower blocks ranging from 8 to 16 stories have been planned for the site at a cost of around £70 million. The site will also feature a café, shop, gym and a “learning space”.

What the fancy new halls is set to look like

The University has a lease on the properties lasting 38 years.

Last month, plans were approved to construct more student halls on the former British Gas site at Orion’s Point in St Mary’s, a site for private halls.

The Chamberlain site near Glen Eyre is currently being demolished after it was announced it was to be retired last year. See below for images of the demolition and artists’ impressions of the new halls.

Plans for the Mayflower Plaza site and the new Chamberlain halls coincide with the University’s ambitions to increase student numbers.

B Block Coming Down during demolition

The remnants of Chambers Bar and Restaurant during demolition.


An artist's impression of the new Chamberlain Halls (from Glen Eyre Road)