WHATSOC: The Assassins Guild

In this week’s edition of WHATSOC, The Tab spoke to Ali Bhatti, president and founder of the Assassins Guild Southampton. Why did you choose to be the President of The Guild? I […]

In this week’s edition of WHATSOC, The Tab spoke to Ali Bhatti, president and founder of the Assassins Guild Southampton.

Why did you choose to be the President of The Guild?
I was the one who created The Guild (we are new and have only been around for a year!) so it was only fitting that I be the one in charge after we were approved by SUSU/given official status. For this reason, I wanted to the remain the one in charge so that I have the chance to further what I started.

What does The Guild have to offer Southampton students?

(The Guild offers) The opportunity to have fun and do something totally different, without taking too much time out of your day! We are aiming to strengthen relations with other universities (Durham, Oxford, Leeds are ones we have looked at so far) by organising events where assassin societies from each university are brought together for one-time events, such as zombie-survival type scenarios.

So what are the key steps to ‘assassinating’ someone?

Firstly, and generally considered to be the hardest part, is locating your target and planning when to make the assassination. It’s advised that you ask around to see if any of your friends know the name, try and find them on facebook and look for mutual friends who can point you in the right direction, etc etc…Once you know where your target is going to be or have some way to getting to them, you then consider how you are going to perform the actual ‘kill’.

…And once you’ve located your target, it’s in for the kill?

Yes, that’s it. There are many different methods employed by our assassins, but among two of the most common are melee kills and ranged kills.

Melee: Any soft, foam toys or props in the form of melee weapons may be used to kill another member. E.g: toy swords, lightsabers, cardboard knives, spoons, red pens, toy sharks and so on. A soft tap/prod on their torso or back should be sufficient so that the target is aware that they have just been ‘killed’ but not so hard that they are put in any discomfort.

Ranged kills: Projectiles launched by toy guns, such as Nerf guns, or similarly manufactured toys, can also be used to perform assassinations upon other members. If the target is struck by the projectile, they are eliminated. Projectiles should be soft and round! They must not strike the target with excessive force, as to leave marks, upset or cause discomfort to the target. It is encouraged to shoot from a fairly safe distance and aim for the torso!

What’s the best thing about your society?

We also offer the chance to get creative, meet new people and participate in single day-events that are as wacky and as enjoyable as possible.

Each member signs up to our website, logging in via their facebook accounts, and this account is how we get information to them. This enables them to be added to our database and eventually take part in assassinating other members.

Aside from providing us with a few details, turning up to socials, performing assassinations and a few other things – we don’t ask members to do much else 😛:-P

What’s the most fun social your society has had and why?

We have only had one social so far. Ask again at the end of the year!

Best society fancy dress costume you’ve seen?

Erm, I haven’t actually seen any assassins in fancy dress just yet. Though there may be some sort of prize awarded for the first person to dress up as a cardboard car and successfully ‘run over’ their target!

Jesters or Sobar?


Soton Tab or Wessex Scene? 😉

Soton Tab!

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