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Sainsbury's Extends Its Opening Hours

Portswood’s cathedral to consumer capitalism will be open later into the night.

Since its opening earlier this year, Sainsbury’s has become the Holy Grail of shopping for students, eliminating the need to venture into central Southampton for supplies, and now the council are allowing it to open longer.

It was decided yesterday, following a report which condemned the original decision by the council, saying their conclusions for not allowing longer opening hours were inconsistent.

Portswood's cathedral to consumer capitalism

The hours granted for Sainsbury’s to trade are:

Monday – Saturday: 7-11
Sunday: 10-4

Whilst the store has been given the go-ahead to open until 11pm on all but Sunday nights, it hasn’t been announced yet when these new opening hours will be enforced.

Sunday opening hours remain unchanged.

Whilst the students are over joyed by this announcement, the Portswood locals seem less impressed. Linda Norris, Conservative Councillor for Portswood said:

In my view, this is a sad day for our local shop keepers. I just hope that they are able to weather the storm and continue trading.

At least now students have an extra two hours to venture down and get late night pre-drinks and snacks.