Southampton's Dirty Little Secrets

A new facebook page sharing Soton’s most secret confessions has appeared on the interweb.

For the most cringe-worthy, shocking and downright vile student tales, Southampton Uni Confessions is definitely the first stop for all your comic needs.

With over one thousand Facebook ‘likes’ in less than 24 hours, this is a page which is going to be distracting and entertaining students blissfully throughout their degrees for a long time to come.

Students have the opportunity to anonymously divulge all their twisted tales, from dirty deeds on campus to bed-hopping, man-sharing twins.

A favourite confession so far involves a one night stand, a razor, some questionable sink hair and a very distraught guy…

I just sat on my bed, I could have cried.

And it’s hardly surprisingly that quite a few of the confessions start with “One night in Jesters…”

What’s worse though, is that it seems that girls are the main culprits:

I once had sex with a bloke in the cupboard under the stairs in Jesters. 20 minutes I then had sex with his best mate in the girl’s toilets.

But it’s not all about the laughter, blagging and cringing: one bloke took the time to send out a (slightly) sincere apology,

To the girl I met in Jesters Monday night, I’d just like to say I sincerely hope your neck was OK today.

(N’awww, gotta love a gentleman!)

So, have something you want to get something off your chest? Click here and reveal all! Facebookers are able to submit their confession via a message and the page owner will post it anonymously. Students are also able to submit a confession anonymously through a formspring entry.

It is currently unknown who the creators of the page are, but we’d like to buy them a pint!

And if you fancy laughing at your fellow students expense even more, head over to Overheard at Southampton University to see just how stupid we all really are!