DRUGS BUST on Burgess Road

ANOTHER drug den has been found on Burgess Road

Reports have reached the Soton Tab that a cannabis factory has been found on Burgess Road today.

Police at the house on Burgess Road

Police carried out an operation on a property on Burgess Road, opposite Burger King, after suspicions were raised by the behaviour of the occupants.

A source close to the property reported seeing men being apprehended after attempting to flee from the scene, and the property is now in the hands of the police; who have yet to issue a statement.

It is believed currently that the house was being used as a marijuana factory as residents in the area had smelled its distinctive odour previously but had been unable to pinpoint its source.

Eyewtinesses claim to have seen police officers chasing people down the busy street and investigating the house for drug activity. In a tweet by Bitterne Police, they said “Male running down Burgess Road from officers”.

Back in April, police raided a house in Burgess Road which was found to be a marijuana factory and it is currently unknown as to whether the two raids are connected.