sprinkles gelato

New Ice-Cream Parlour Opens in Portswood

Goodbye Gannaways, hello Sprinkles Gelato.

To complement the wealth of charity shops and tacky fast food joints Portswood has got itself a brand new outlet.

I went along to the new ice-cream parlour, Sprinkles Gelato, in Portswood High Street, to check out what delights they have on offer.

Not quite the usual kebab-shop style designs we’re accustomed to in Portswood, Sprinkles is nicely decorated pink inside, with a tasty array of ice cream flavours. You can also pick extra sweet toppings, crepes, chocolate-covered fruit and waffles. It’s open ‘til midnight seven days a week, and there’s even a TV playing music channels to chill out to whilst you eat.

I spoke to manager, Sharif, about its opening:

We opened the Friday just gone. It was really good, we’ve had a good response even up to today; it’s still going really well!


With tons of ice-cream flavours to choose from, I had to ask what his favourite was:

Pino Pinguino – it’s like nutella, but it’s layered so you have a layer of nutella, a layer of ice-cream, layer of nutella. I also like the strawberry cheesecake! Ferrero Rocher is definitely the best-seller.

And the weirdest flavour?

Chocolate sorbet seems to be quite unusual, and we do an apple pie flavour as well.

I found one more unusual than that, however – Blue Banana. The clue’s in the name, because it was a strong flavour and very, very blue!

He also hinted there may be more Sprinkles Gelato’s popping up elsewhere:

We’ve geared up to be a chain; we’ve trademarked ourselves with our own logo and we’re hoping to start from Portswood and [go] probably to the South Coast and Southampton area, but we haven’t got a limit.

Sprinkles Gelato offers a range of ice creams, sundaes, crepes, waffles and other deserts to the fine denizens of Portswood. Check out their menus here.