Southampton Next for "Anonymous" Hack Attack?

First Oxbridge, now Southampton?

Earlier this week, both Oxford and Cambridge Universities were the victims of cyber attacks from the Anonymous hacking collective. In a YouTube video posted on Friday, the University of Southampton has been threatened with an attack over its research into autism. At this time, the Eprints website is down but no other University sites are affected.

In the video (embedded below), a garbled voice accuses University of Southampton researchers of publishing the names of people who have been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders:

We are aware that you are publishing names of people that are tested for symptoms of Autism, Adhd and other related things. [sic]

Tweeting from an account named Operation Eprints, named for Southampton’s digital research depository, the video was sent to the University’s official twitter account stating:

We are not spreading bullshit, We do what we say.

The YouTube account connected to Operation Eprints’ threats is only currently hosting one video, the one accusing the University. In the same video, Operation Eprints claim to have taken down the University’s website. For now, these accusations are unfounded as the University has yet to respond to our inquiries.