Groups at University of Southampton goes live on Facebook

Facebook has launched yet another new feature, this time aimed at us students.

Groups at University of Southampton, a Facebook community exclusive to those who can verify a email address, has gone live, offering students a new way of organising their activities through social media.

Groups at University of Southampton: A new feature for organising University activities through social media

Facebook announced in March 2012 that it would be launching exclusive university groups in an attempt to bring the social network back to its grass roots as a campus centred platform. This new feature allows students to create, customize and opt in and out of specialist groups according to their particular course, year of graduation or general interests. It gives scope to a stronger and broader range of discussions related to University life.

The new feature allows students to create, customize and join groups according to their specific interests.

Students have already created groups for SUSU, Halls and Courses, demonstrating genuine enthusiasm for the new feature. Despite a general and widespread cynicism towards new Facebook features, membership is increasing by the minute and looks set to hit the stratosphere. 

As with anything open to student input, Groups at University of Southampton may not always be used for the greater good. Imagine for example, the carnage that could ensue with an open invitation to an unsuspecting friend’s house party on the Events & Parties group. It also appears that duplication may be an issue, with multiple groups for each year of graduation, halls and course springing up.

The Tab eagerly awaits the new lease of life this will inject into the University, check out the new group here.