Saying Goodbye Soton Style

It’s come to that inevitable time of year where at least 1/3 of our student body leaves us and skips off to the big wide world with (hopefully) some sort […]

It’s come to that inevitable time of year where at least 1/3 of our student body leaves us and skips off to the big wide world with (hopefully) some sort of exciting graduate job ahead.

Isn’t it weird how quickly university goes? I’m not graduating this year but I can say that so far university has been some of the best yet speedy years of my life. I’m getting nostalgic preparing to say hasta la vista to many of my third year friends possibly forever and I’ve been wondering how everyone is planning their final goodbye. I asked around a little bit and managed to come up with a list, feel free to add more in the comments section below.

1. Throw a houseparty in their honor

Usually pretty simple to do but needs to be done soon as most third year students’ housing contracts run out at the end of June. You may find people start disappearing after Grad Ball also so best get in quick and make up some banners with their name on or something.

2. Visit your original house/halls

Great way to bring back all those fresher memories. Have a drink in your old halls bar or bang on the front door of your student house and ask the current residents if you can check out the sick stain you left in the corridor. Chin up if you were in Chamberlain though, I guess you will have to go to Glen Bar.

3. Make a collage of stuff

An 'arty' collage

Remember that time you all went to Marwell Zoo? How about that night you came home with that random thong in your pocket? Make sure your 3rd year leaver keeps these precious memories forever by sticking it to a bit a of A3 and writing something meaningful next to it.

4. Declare your undying love for them

I have always wanted you, no wait I think I love you… COME HERE. Find a moment to trap them in a room (alone is optional) and throw yourself at them. This may backfire but either way they wont forget you anytime soon.

5. Give them a thoughtful gift

This one can be classy or banterous depending on what you get them and it is what I would like if I was about to jump ship from Southampton. Check out some gift ideas here.

6. Force them to stay in Southampton 

Cry, beg, manipulate or threaten….it really doesn’t matter, but some of us are just not ready to let our third years go. Force them to do a Masters/PhD/sign-on and enjoy at least another year basking in their glory.

7. Hold a dinner party for them

Quite fitting for young Southampton alumni. An elegant way to say goodbye as long as you don’t serve it up on paper plates. Spag Bol with pancetta in the sauce served with wild rocket is a good one but it might make you look like a dickhead. If in doubt turn the dinner party into a house party midway by posting HOUSEPARTY AT ** OPEN INVITE all over Twitter and Facebook then sit back and wait for the posse to arrive.

Why you so good?!

8. Take them to Jesters one last time and get them shitfaced

Go in fresher T-shirts or some sort of fancy dress. Pretend you’re all first years excited about moving into a house. Act like a snob because you nearly have a degree darhling. Ripping off your clothes one last time to baywatch is a must. Stay out all night then go back to your third year’s house and spoon them silly whilst listening to Save Tonight on repeat. Whatever you do make it count.