Soton Students Lacking In The Bedroom

It’s not just the Guardian League tables we’re dropping down in

The annual Student Beans Sex Survey results are in and it’s a disappointment for University of Southampton students. We regularly feature in the top 20 in the academic league tables but this time we’re sitting uncomfortably in the lower half at 65th of the 101 universities listed in terms of pulling power.

Don's not going to be happy about this one...

The Student Beans survey found that our students had an average of just 3.21 different sexual partners since starting university and for those of you who are terrible at maths that averages at just 1 a year on a standard 3 year undergraduate course. This result comes at a disappointment as Southampton students responded with having 4.3 sexual partners in 2011, placing us then at 48th (out of 61).

There have been mixed feelings following the results and The Tab caught up with some students on the matter. Nathan, a first year historian said:

Only 3.21?! I’ve just finished my first year and I’m already clocking up triple that!

And Jen, a third year linguist commented:

I’m interested to know where I can get my hands on 0.21 of a bloke

Meanwhile our Solent counterparts achieved an average number of sexual partners of 4.19, placing them 29th in the rankings. This is probably the only time they will ever be above Southampton in a league table. Universities at the top of the table were Bangor with a massive 8.31 partners and Heriott-Watt (Heriott What-the-fuck?!) with 5.8 different partners. The University of Essex sits at the bottom of the table with students having only 1.15 sexual partners throughout their 3 frigid years.

The 2012 survey featured responses from only 4,656 students across the country, a poor representation considering there are over 1 million UK students enrolled in higher education courses. Check out the full survey here.

Are you disappointed by this outcome? Have you had more than 3.21 different shags since freshers week? Let us know below.