Glad for LADS

Lads really aren’t that bad!

Okay, so recently I’ve noticed a lot of publicity and emphasis being placed on ‘Lads’ and ‘Lad Culture’. In my opinion this has been fueled by websites such as TrueLAD which boast of laddish accomplishments like ‘shagging fit birds’ and necking pints like there’s no tomorrow. Sadly in Southampton there has also been an influx of sexual attacks on females which are horrifyingly close to the good old student ghetto Portswood.

It’s really easy to berate men for all of this as a society (sex attacks aside). How often do we see men left holding the baby? Which sex do we remember the as the one who is known to cheat? Why am I still peering up at certain males through the glass ceiling? It’s a well-known fact that people tend to remember the bad and forget the good (unless it’s truly uplifting)… After all, negative publicity and shocking information give us something to talk about. I think that ‘lads’ have become this victim of this when frankly they are not all that bad.

Men have played such a positive influence in my life. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the best people I know who all have one thing in common: a penis. Take my friend ‘Matt’ (we’ll call him that). He would do anything for me. He’s generous, he’s forgiving, he’s sweet, he’s funny. He is everything I would want in a person which is why he is one of my best friends. Another lad I know is ‘James’; a true old soul. I have never spoken with anyone (including my family) the way I speak with him and he is so reassuring.  I am lucky to know him.  ‘Steve’ is a bit more of a typical ‘LAD’. He drinks (classic social sec), he has sex, but he is a true gentleman who still believes in chivalry. This is a boy who has no sexual interest in me whatsoever but yet he will open a door, treat me with respect and give me his coat when I’m freezing.

As a female it is easy to become offended by men; when they wolf whistle and cat-call god knows it can be annoying. BUT I WILL ADMIT that when I’m feeling grotty sometimes it makes me feel good about myself. Saying that, it’s not a good way to ‘pull’ a female as usually we will think you’re a dickless knobjockey. As a girl I know that in Jesters all I need to do is flutter my eyelashes seductively and I could probably get some free alcohol, I wouldn’t, but I know girls that do and are very successful. I feel that for so long we ladies have felt like we have no power, yet it’s 2012 and we are more free (in the UK anyway) than we have ever been, something which we should be embracing. After all, our grannies fought tooth and nail for the cause!

As far as this ‘glass ceiling’ goes, it does exist, but for both men AND women nowadays. I know of one local Southampton nightclub which won’t employ men as bar staff – they have to collect glasses for a few months first whilst the ladies go straight to serving the punters. Yes, there are many horror stories about ‘lads’, and yes, some of the things that they do are appalling… must you fart next to me and be proud?! But all things considered, they are not all that bad and frankly I’m sick and tired of all the bad press.

Sit in your pants, watch Match of the Day: I won’t be in the kitchen making you a sandwich but I will be giving you banter about your horrendous facial hair.