SUSU Petting Zoo Resounding Success

SUSU do something right? OMG WTF!

Unless you have been extremely secluded in your revision cave, you couldn’t have failed to notice the appearance of a petting zoo on concourse last Thursday.

Rather then mass producing pencil cases and highlighters as a “revision tool”, VP Academic Affairs Sasha Watson decided to go for a new plan of having a week of interactive activities to give a fun filled revision break. Already this week students have seen activities such as Bouncy Castles and Sumo suits, but Thursday was the main event as farmyard animals descended on concourse.

lovin lyf 2k12

With a range of animals including sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and even two turkeys, it was easy to be transported away from the hell of revision into what seemed a whole different world… and that was before it was even open for petting.

When it opened to the student body to pet and hold, students of all ages were instantly turned into young children, aah-ing at the pigs, laughing at the kid goat kicking the lamb to make it move and holding a baby chick as though they’d never seen one before!

Also echoing throughout the visitors was the fact that this was the best thing SUSU HAD EVER DONE!!!! Forget sorting out the Cube, academic extensions after SUSSED went down or even the new gym at Wide Lane, this was all the Sabbs had to do to make the student body forgive any faults. Well done SUSU.