Preview – Theatre Group's "Vindice"

“The crippling evil of the world must be purged, before everything is corrupt.” Have you ever felt so hurt that you don’t know how you can go on? So caught […]

“The crippling evil of the world must be purged, before everything is corrupt.”

Have you ever felt so hurt that you don’t know how you can go on? So caught up in hysteria that you can’t let go? So angry that the only way forward is for you to seek revenge?… But where will your revenge stop? How far must you go to be satisfied?

These are just some of the twisted emotions that will torment and question your mind during Vindice; the latest offering from SUSU’s talented Theatre Group.

A dark, mysterious and beautifully acted play – written and directed by Alexander Curtis- Vindice reels you in and pulls you through the underbelly of the criminal and nepotistic world brought to a temporary standstill by London rioting.

The play opens shortly after the tragic death of Gloriana (Natalie Ray), Vindice’s wife of a mere 3 hours, and goes on to tell a story of how corruption, suicide, revenge, twisted emotions, assassination plots abound and heart-wrenching pain, twist our protagonist’s loss into cold-hearted emptiness, and blind hatred of everything that stands in his way.

Vindice (the brilliant Cam Bevan), teamed with his brother, Hippolito, seeks revenge on ‘The Duke’ – the corrupted Chief Commissioner of the Met (Ben George), through conspiring to assassinate him.

As the plot thickens, and Vindice slowly changes from protagonist to antagonist, our world is turned upside down. The slow betrayal of a journey to insanity is fine tuned to perfection, leaving us all thinking-if it were me, would I be the same?

“Have you come here to tell me how to grieve?”

The play is accompanied with a series of clever film footage; giving it an altogether modern, realistic and more enthralling theme.

With gut-wrenching, modern and exhilarating music coupled with brilliant choreography, capable of bringing the mood of scene to palpable emotion and not forgetting an incredibly strong set of talented actors, Vindice is quite simply the hottest play around.

With wickedly dark humour, a touch of ‘V for Vendetta’, nodding towards a Tarantino-esque production, “Vindice” is jam-packed with incredibly talented individuals, such as the gripping and explosive Spurio (Nathanael Baring), the flawless Hippolito (Johnny Baynham), and the unscrupulous and devious Lussurioso (Sam Jenkins-Shaw), Deputy Commissioner and son to the Duke, to the light comedy value of the constantly stoned brothers Ambitioso (Alexis Forss) and Supervacuo (Tom Searle).

What astounds me is that the actors are students, with deadlines, assignments and exams just like the rest of us … how do they do it?!

So what are you waiting for? Watching Vindice was the best 2 hours I have ever spent, and I strongly recommend that you buy a ticket before every show sells out – I might even have to try and sneak myself in for a second viewing.

Vindice is a Theatre Group Production running at the Annex Theatre from Wednesday 9th – Saturday 12th May at 7.30pm. Tickets are available at

Adults – £8 Students – £6.50 and PA Concessions – £5.

Written and directed by Alexander Curtis, produced by Sophie Grout and Joe Hart, and stunningly choreographed by David Gray.

Revenge shall be paid her due…