Student Crime Tracking Site Launches

Not crime BY students, crime against them.

The crime map is centred on Portswood

In light of the may recent sex attacks in Portswood and beyond, one safety-conscious student has set up a new website to track attacks, break ins and thefts in studentville. James Chalk, a second year History student and Portswood ghetto-dweller, was spurred on by the recent spate of attacks and general crime level in Portswood:

 In Freshers week our house got broken into and everyone’s laptops, apart from mine got stolen. I thought it was a cruel injustice, and over the year I hear about all these horrible things that happen in Portswood … it just seems bizarre that there isn’t a system that helps protect our students more.

The site is basic and very simple to use, with James saying the coding took around five hours. A form on the right allows anyone to submit a crime report and address which will be marked on the map with a brief description. His motivations are simple:

I don’t really intend of achieving anything with it, it is mainly to help people. If it gets enough hits, I might try an co-ordinate it with the police so that we can get a safer Portswood.

We at The Tab urge any student who has been a victim of crime to report the incident and post on the site and help spread awareness and help your fellow students.