Earl of Wessex drops in to name new plaza

Royalty descends on a sunny Southampton campus

If you are one of the many third and fourth years hanging around university due to dissertation and gdp hell, yesterday you may have noticed a small gaggle of military personal standing awkwardly in uniform around the Hartley Library. Sensible students who have gone home for some well earned rest will have missed the sight of the Earl of Wessex’s honour guard stood around waiting for him to arrive.

That’s because, on the eve of the University of Southampton’s diamond jubilee celebrations, the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, was dropping in to Southampton to give the area outside the new life sciences building the catchy new title of ‘Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Plaza.’

Following closely from the visit of Prince Andrew during the recent careers fair, Prince Edward, 7th in line to the throne, was greeted by a full military honour guard comprising of members of all university military units, including our very own Opinion Editor Tom Steadman. Having spoken to each member of the guard about university and their future the Prince proceeded on a tour of the Highfield campus, visiting sites such as Hartley Library and the new Plaza.

Following a whirlwind tour there was a reception in the Turner Sims. Distinguished members of the university and alumini were invited to to reception. After a fantastic mini concert by members of the music department (Prince Edward is a known music and theatre fan) there was a short speech from the Prince, heavy with jokes and banter about the unveiling being ridiculously boring and probably going to go wrong! However all went to plan and after the plaque was unveiled he presented a gift to an ex-Southampton member of staff who turns 100 next week!

  Royalty descends on a sunny Southampton campus