With a spate of attacks across Southampton, The Tab urges everyone to stay safe

Scenes like this are all too common in Portswood

A twenty year old woman was sexually assaulted last night in Portswood. Police are investigating whether it is linked to a series of attacks across the city.

The incident occurred in the alleyway between St Deny’s Road and Westridge Road, behind the high street, at around 10:30 last night.

The attacker is described as 5ft 8 with a foreign accent and was wearing a leather jacket. He covered his face and claimed to have a knife. In the previous assaults the attacker was described as Asian and carrying a knife, so Portswood may well have a serial criminal.

One student remarked to The Tab:

Looking at where the attack happened, it’s basically on the police station’s door step. Is anywhere in Portswood safe?

With the Portswood police station due to close on the 16th of March, this is the question on everyone’s lips.

We here at The Tab advise every reader to be vigilant after dark, don’t travel alone! The police are at University frequently and hand out attack alarms and provide advice. Follow them on twitter here.