ARMED robbers threaten family with HIV INFECTED BLOOD

Yeah, this is as bad as it sounds.

Southampton’s scummy reputation has been upheld with the news this week that a family were attacked at gun point by men dressed as police officers, who also threatened to infect their hostages with syringes containing HIV positive blood.

The 'HIV infected blood'

As reported in the Echo, the robbers were able to able escape with £37,000 in cash, watches and jewellery which took place on Bassett Green Road, seconds away from Bencraft Court Halls and close to Glen Eyre.

The ordeal occurred in November 2010 but has now only come to the public eye after tireless investigative efforts from Hampshire Constabulary and prosecutions now ensue. The gang of three, posing as policemen in full uniform, complete with stab vests and handcuffs, pretended to search the house as part of a raid. The assailants then tied up two teenage children and their parents with cable ties, whilst wielding a shotgun. The children’s father was then forced to open the two safes in the house in return for his children to not be tortured and killed in front of him. If that wasn’t enough for him, one of the burglars threatened to inject the man with a syringe containing HIV infected blood if he didn’t cooperate.

The gang were able to escape with several tens of thousands of pounds in cash as well as jewellery and watches from the safes, without harming neither the children nor their parents. Police raided a storage facility belonging to one of the armed robbers to find parts of a weapon, police uniforms and the deadly syringe. However the ‘blood’ was fortunately found to be fake, yet still convincing enough to terrify the victims involved.

 The father spoke out about his trauma by saying:

I was shaking like a leaf. I was aware I was being robbed but because they were dressed as policemen it just didn’t compute.

Examples of events like this just go to show how disgusting some people are and do no favours in proving how safe Southampton actually is. Read more Scummy Soton happenings here.