We gave presidential candidate Sam Ling 500 words to try and convince us to vote for him.

At midnight on Thursday 3rd March I heard the words “your new SUSU President is…Sam Ling”. That was the moment my work began to truly make a difference to SUSU, and the students of this University, and I’ve been working for you making a difference ever since.

Already this year there is a lot I’m proud to have been a part of. The last few months saw me taking a lead on the project that relaunched our Friday nights, and by actually listening closely to what you told us you wanted Friday Nights are back.

Using that experience I’m looking to improve our entire events schedule, and how we reach out to student groups in order to deliver the events all of our students want, rather than providing for a very narrow field of interest.

The building itself is tired and is in desperate need of substantial investment. I am currently working with the University to begin a master planning process which will give our facilities in all sites a clear direction, and is the only way we will overcome the problems of overcrowding, and storage issues in the Union.

Our student groups have been underfunded for far too long, and if given the chance I aim to fix this. By making our student groups a real priority in the funding process we can double the societies and performing arts budget, and also give our sports teams the support they so desperately need. This is achieved by taking more time over how we budget for the Union, and unlock the potential of our student groups.

From the release of the White paper on higher education, to the setting up of campus’ over seas I have tackled big challenges this year, and rather than retreat from them, or accept mediocre solutions I have sought to be on the cutting edge of what a Union can deliver. I’ve recently taking on a project to deliver the first joint student association abroad working with Newcastle and Reading.

We were also the only Union to receive a personal response from David Willets from our White paper consultation submission, and ensured that our students voices were listened to, and continue to campaign on these issues to this day.

The future is uncertain, but what is certain is that these challenges will not get any easier. It has been suggested that to undertake a second year would deprive another student of the opportunity to stand for president. However it is not about the individual but what they can do for the Union, and how much they’re able to give. I have the experience to guide SUSU through the challenges to come, and deliver truly amazing things for all of our students, on every site. What I need to do all of this is your vote.

If you want a President who really is making a difference, and listening to you, Vote “Uncle” Sam for your Union President.

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