Beware of the Portswood PERVERT

More horrible behaviour from the streets of Portswood.

Reports are surfacing of an unknown man who has been terrifying students with his perverted and unusual behaviour. We’ve had the Portswood Flasher, now there is sombody more sinister on the loose.

It is believed that a few nights ago an unidentified man, who is thought to be local to the Portswood area of Southampton, was spotted masturbating in the open outside of a student’s home. The female student  was shocked to discover the pervert standing outside of her window and looking in on her whilst touching himself. Upon discovering the man she naturally panicked and began to scream. Her cries for help woke up the other residents living in the house, and fortunately they were able to come to her rescue, preventing her from further harm. It is said that police have been made aware of this incident, and the man has not been seen since outside of the girl’s home.

It would appear that unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Within a matter of days of the alleged disturbance, a characteristically similar man was spotted once again leering over unsuspecting girls in Portswood. Two female second-year students, who have chosen to remain anonymous, were walking home through Portswood high street at approximately 4pm on Saturday. It was then when they noticed a man who they described as “scary looking” put his hands down his trousers and begin to touch himself whilst staring at them. Feeling very ill at ease by the man’s actions the girls understandably ran away. Fortunately they managed to escape the incident unharmed, however they were no doubt frightened by their ordeal.

These incidents are believed to be the cause of a single mystery masturbator, who students have nicknamed “wankman”. Real identity unknown, one of the student’s who encountered him in the street described his appearance to be “tall and skinny, with fair hair”, she also mentioned that on the day of the incident he “dressed completely in black”. Aside from this brief description, much about this man and his intentions remains unknown. Therefore we strongly advise that if encountered he should be treated with extreme caution and the police should be notified.