LIVE REVIEW: Ted from Scrubs

Gig fails to scrub up

I'd love to say I took this photo

Tonight, Your The Union Cube (or whatever they’ve rebranded it to) hosted The Blanks, aka Ted from Scrubs’ band.

For the first time since Freshers’ Week, The Cube was packed out. Chris Stark, Scott Mills show contributor, Southampton and Glen Eyre alumnus, was on the decks up until 1AM when the band finally hit the stage.

Anticipation was high, last year’s event filled the union to capacity. Unfortunately, the start of the gig was delayed by technical difficulties- the microphones weren’t working, definitely not ideal for an a-capella band!

When the mikes were finally fixed, The Blanks treated us to THREE WHOLE SONGS before retiring back stage. The fourteen minute set was well received by the audience until they realised that the band wasn’t coming back for an encore.

The glamourous backstage of SUSU Cafe was rammed with autograph seekers. This intrepid Tab journalist managed to blag his way into the press pen and grab a few quick words from the band, much to the chagrin of SUSU media and the band’s own handlers!

LOB: So you played Southampton last year, how did you find it?

The Blanks: We loved Southampton last year!

LOB: So how did this year compare?

The Blanks: This year was even better, we love Southampton!

Not the most enlightening, but bear in mind their handler was distinctly unhappy with my presence.

The technical side of the gig was a huge let down, directly contributing to the short duration of the set. It is another embarrassment for SUSU after the recent failed Jaguar Skills gigs and the demise of Twisted.

Were you there? How would you fix The Cube? Share your opinions in the comments section below.