Jeremy Clarkson – The idiot of the hour

Is it wrong that Jeremy Clarkson is currently being accosted for a JOKE? Ellen Brown says he deserves it!

Jeremy Clarkson should take his pipe and shove it along with his TV Prescence

Last night Jeremy Clarkson, the opinionated Top Gear host appeared on BBC’s The One Show, in an appearance which landed him a whopping 4,759 complaints. No stranger to controversy, Mr. Clarkson, who was asked to speak about the public sector protests, responded with a variety of death threats, stating that anyone who protested should be ‘executed in front of their families’. The rant, that appeared to have poor Alex Jones squirming in her seat, has provoked Union bosses to demand that the BBC take action against Clarkson, as his outrageous comments are one step too far.

The One Show, which is usually known for its family-friendly approach to current affairs, was used by Tory boy Clarkson to publicly attack the people of the hard-working public sector, for example teachers and nurses, who are unhappy with the Government’s proposed cuts. Best pals with David Cameron, the pompous Mr. Clarkson made no attempt to sympathise with protestors, perhaps unable, due his wealth and celebrity status.

Clearly undeterred by the grimaces and uncomfortable laughter of the presenters, Clarkson went on to state that instead of worrying about pensions, people should be working hard for their money, ‘just like the rest of us.’ Sounds like a fair point, that is assuming that ‘the rest of us’ that he’s referring to are millionaires like himself. Of course, if you earn an estimated £2 million a year like Mr. Clarkson, you may not need to worry about a pension, but for everyone else, it can be quite important. Now, I’m not saying that driving around in expensive cars, and mocking his co-hosts all day isn’t hard work, (okay, maybe I am) but try telling the millions of people who are unhappy with the cuts, that they should get over their silly old pensions and just do some good old hard work like Jeremy Clarkson! I don’t think so.

Even more astonishingly, fans of the ego-centric presenter are defending his actions, claiming that his comments, which have been branded as ‘disgraceful and disgusting’ by Ed Miliband, are merely just a bit of a joke. Clearly nobody is laughing though, as Mr. Clarkson might not just lose his job, but may also be the subject of a police inquiry. I wonder if he’ll feel any differently about his pension if this causes him to lose his enormous salary? Lets hope justice serves up a nice healthy slab of irony too for ‘Let them eat cake’ Clarkson.

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