A descent into The Dungeon

The Tab puts on a lot of black makeup and pays a visit to Southampton’s most famous metal club.

Some might say that with a name like ‘The Dungeon,’ this particular pub-club is likely to be targeted at a specific clientele. As I wasn’t a huge part of the alternative or metal scenes in Southampton, I thought it was about time I found out what ‘The Dinge’, as it is affectionately dubbed, was really all about.

Finding the place can be a bit of challenge but after finally getting past the ridiculously hench bouncers at the door, I pranced joyfully to the bar. But to my surprise, the drinks were a tad dear, so take a fair bit of dosh with you if you haven’t the luxury of pre-lash.
I went on the Friday, which was labelled as the ‘Alternative and Metal’ night, and what began as a quiet one quickly turned into a drunken stupor as the place began to fill with hardcore Dungeon fanatics. You can’t help but admire the amount of studded leather jackets and black biker boots worn by the signature metal fans, or stand in awe at the many different piercings on that one attractive bartender, whose hair seems to resemble a work of modern art.

This sort of thing is pretty standard for the Dinge.

The Dungeon itself has an impressive layout; made up for four separate areas, the surprisingly spacious beer garden, which contains both covered and uncovered booths, was particularly favourable with visitors, who came to relax with a cigarette or two. Inside, the dark interior, wooden panelling and minimal lighting reminds you of Jesters, but the charm and ambience rings of the Hobbit.  To add to the edginess, large canvases of graphic illustrations adorn the walls, giving the place a trendy feel; Banksy certainly would have been proud.

As you descend further into the Dungeon, you come across the sunken dance floor situated underneath the main bar, which provides just enough space for some serious head banging and mini-moshing sessions. The music includes the latest and greatest in power rock, metal and alternative, ranging from Limp Bizkit to Lostprophets, from Deftones to Death Cab, so it caters to a pretty broad taste. Even if you aren’t a fan, you’ll certainly leave the place with a new found love for Led Zeppelin.

Earplugs might be required, this place is LOUD.

As the night progresses, if you need to take a break, there’s always the option of brushing up on your pool skills or trying your hand with the arcade machines.
No matter your music preferences, you’ll be guaranteed to have a good time as the merrily drunk patrons provide a friendly atmosphere and the down-to-earth bar staff are always happy to serve you one more pint with a black lip-lined smile.

In short, if you want to get away from the drama of Jesters or So:Bar, or feel the need to revive your love for Kurt Cobain, The Dungeon should definitely be at the top of your list.