Drunken Debauchery to be Reported to University

Your academic school could now find out about your traffic cone collection and punish you for it.

A new partnership between Hampshire Constabulary and the University of Southampton means that coppers will be divulging names of students involved in any criminal activity, it was revealed on the Sussed newsfeed today (after fifteen login attempts). The message is clearly targeting students with a fondness for drunken misdemeanors, although it does state that details of those who are noted as being ‘vulnerable’ after over-indulging will also be shared.

Shockingly, even if the situation does not warrant further police action you might still find a black mark put against your name on the university database as records will STILL be passed over. We at the Tab are the last to endorse criminal behaviour, but this seems ridiculously heavy handed. Does an academic institution really need to be involved with enforcing the law?