READY TO RUMBLE? Students vs. the Tories, Round 2

The SUSU rent-a-mob are en route to LDN again this week, get involved!

Union President and all-round nice guy Sam Ling has pledged his support for the second round of student protests taking place in London this Wednesday (9th November). At the last SUSU Annual General Meeting it was agreed that the Students’ Union would support “any nationally organised demonstration against a rise in tuition fees” and so SUSU has organised a coach to transport students to and from Southampton to join in the protest.

The coach is only £13 return (half the price of what it would be by train), leaving from the Highfield bus station at 8:30 am and returning to campus around 7:30 pm after a full day of (potentially violent) protesting. Tickets can be bought at the Box Office, either at SUSU reception or online – but hurry before they all sell out!

Although some cynics may say “WHAT!? Why another protest? The law has been passed, it won’t be changing back”, there are actually plenty of reasons why we still need to raise our voices. However, don’t just take my word for it, read this rousing speech from the big man himself, Sam Ling:

Laws can be changed, but it takes time and effort to do so. The point of this demonstration is to keep pressure on the parties both in and out of government to provide an alternative solution for the longer term.

If we do nothing at all you’re right in that nothing will change, and possibly it will get worse. But if we push hard and for three years keep the pressure on at the next general election we can show that students a) care, b) have a voice, and c) should be listened to.

I’ll admit that it’s a long struggle, and a slim chance, but I’d rather a slim chance at something, than no chance at all. From talking to Sabbs and student leaders around the country my feeling is that this is the time when if we link up properly, and push hard, we can really change things

A day at the riots is an integral part of the student experience these days so put on your best sweatshop produced Che Guevara t-shirt, grab a picnic from Waitrose and go and stick it to the man!