The Portswood Catwalk: Dressed to VOM

Apparently Southampton is full of fashionistas…

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” – Oscar Wilde

Damn straight. Ever since I was able to see, I’ve been surrounded by the loathsome phenomenon that is fashion. From “flares” in the 90s to our towns being filled with Burberry-wearing street vermin, the blight of fashion on our society is at its peak.

I’ve been at Southampton for three years, and I’ve seen a wide range of fashion trends. I’ve been surprised during my time here. Contrary to Mr Wilde’s quote at the top, it appears that student fashion trends have appeared to steady out over the past few years. While I have always been cynical when it comes to fashion, I can appreciate great taste. And so it was with great reluctance that I set out upon my quest to find our University’s best-dressed students by stalking people on Facebook for a couple of hours, and find out what really makes us tick.

A standard night out

Above we have a typical scene outside the new club Chilli Whites. Although it was challenging to converse with this group in between banter and tactical chunders, I managed to catch their names. Note the attention to detail James, centre-left, in grey has shown to his look. The combination of the drinks stain down his shirt (£200, Zara) and the classic buckled belt (£150, Zara) gives an edge that really makes him stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a snap of face as he was too busy stargazing.

Next up we have a photo that appeared in one of our Facebook feeds, an unknown individual sporting a highly original t-shirt (£25, Hollister), a brand not often seen in Southampton-town. On seeing this I recalled a beautiful memory from last year’s snow antics, when I saw a gentleman walking proudly down Portswood high street in -5 degree temperatures in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans with a stunning girl on his arm. It was at this stage that I realised what a profound statement Hollister has had on fashion. Not just anyone can wear this shit.

The fine stitching in this shirt really compliments the mild rips in the jeans and the pink 1kg weights (£10, eBay) in his hands, and shows our unknown individual to be a real lover of fashion.


Snapped at a pre-drinks in Portswood house near you. This giraffe outfit (£5 kit), while clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, is the very essence of the “peacock theory” so many students are fond of.

The subtle blend of oranges and yellows shows are a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe, and while less-than-suitable for more formal affairs such as funerals and job interviews, is a great way to let off steam and demonstrate real, er… character.

My discoveries this week have left me very excited about fashion-conscious Southampton. These outfits, while not your traditional wear, are fantastic new ways of putting clothes together for students in “fashion conscious Southampton,” as the Wessex Scene put it. Keep your eyes peeled for new fashion trends in the future!