Soton's EMINEM?

Southampton rap that’s actually been produced properly.

Last week we brought you ‘Southampton Gives Me Goosebumps’ which seemed to go down pretty well although personally I’m still haunted by Burger’s description of his sexual escapades… So here’s something a bit more chilled out, with a less aggressive approach to aural pleasure. Actual proper rapper Influx has compiled his own little ditty about the glories of being a student in Soton as an answer to that god awful Asher Roth song ‘I love College’. (Did SUSU use that as a promotional vehicle last year? No wonder Wednesday nights flopped again.)      

Anyway, sit back and have a watch, I don’t know whether I like it much but it’s fairly true to Soton life, crunk juice and all. Mr Flux even namechecks Orange Rooms in it, how much did they pay him for that?