SES Exam Chaos

SES exam result mix up leaves many students out in the cold

As everyone settles down into studying for semester one, spare a thought for those in the School of Engineering Science (SES)

Students here are still awaiting problems to be rectified!

Due to a mistake in the exam marking system and results system many students are STILL unaware of the marks they received during the semester two exams last year. That means that those students moving onto their third and final year may be completely unaware whether they are close to the grades they want and how far off the target they are!

This mistake was identified before the summer break started but has been exacerbated by the referral exams over summer. People have started the new year without an actual knowledge of whether they are in the right year or need to be resitting! Considering this is now the third week of university proper (freshers doesn’t really count…) and they have had several months to rectify we at the Tab think that is unacceptable.

We have also heard stories about how a third year student wishing to continue onto their master’s was allowed to resit with the provision they achieved certain grades. They achieved the required standard but when they returned to university in October they were informed that they had graduated and were no longer a student, despite having a written guarantee from SES that they could continue.Thankfully SES backed down and they have been allowed to continue but the admin vortex that is the university means that they are still waiting for full access to be restored!