Sick of studying? Revision break time!

Games and websites to help you briefly avoid your degree.

The stress levels in Hartley library are so intense I can feel them in my house way down at the bottom of the glorious Portswood ‘brown mile’. Are you the gently shaking caffeine wreck up on Level 4 or that girl with rapidly developing anxiety ulcers in the reserve collection? Chill out guys, it’s Friday and according to those ever reliable Christian fundamentalists apparently the world might end tomorrow (?). You should relax and give yourself a well earned break from pretending to work or pacing nervously around the smoking area. Here are a few games and websites to help you do just that.

At times like these it’s a good idea to remember that there are a lot of people in the world who are infinitely stupider than you. The man who runs the Dear Girls Above Me blog has the dubious pleasure of living in the apartment below a pair of clowns who are goldmines of ludicrous statements, e.g. “Mom, can you wire me more money so I can buy you flowers for Mother’s Day?” and “It’s not fair that ‘sex tapes’ are ONLY for celebs. Mine would just be considered ‘a porn’.” Pardon? Sometimes I wonder how individuals like this manage to go about their daily business and continue to exist. How are they able to buy food or catch trains and so on? Anyway, hearing this level of intellect gives the rest of us a morale boost.

Next, a great golf game. If you don’t like crazy golf then I suspect you aren’t human (why isn’t it more popular than real golf?). Along with all the usual weird features of crazy golf courses this has a multiplayer function so all the fun and frustration can be shared. My housemate says this is the reason he failed college the first time around and after playing it a few times I completely understand why that happened.

Finally, this is utterly ridiculous. I don’t even know what to say. Infinite Pacman? There’s over 28,000 mazes on here and the ghosts are just as annoying as ever so enter at your peril. Poor old Pacman, he deserves a break as well- running around being force fed strange ‘Pac dot’ things whilst being persued by giant marshmellow ghost creatures surely isn’t the best life to have. But give it a go.

Oh, and if you insist on working hard in the library then don’t forget to express your sexual frustration by contributing to the Floxx feed.