Musical-based Distracting Websites

More ways to ruin your degree by getting lost in the internet.

“If music be the food of dilly-dallying, play on” doesn’t quite scan, but the sentiment is there. Everyone likes a bit of rhythm and an infectious tune whilst pretending to work, so what could be better than sites which let you make your own (of sorts) in a matter of seconds? Here are a few which do just that:

1) I reckon beatboxing is a pretty cool activity provided I’m stood far enough away from the ‘boxer to ensure that I’m not gradually soaked by flecklets of spittle. Luckily, this charming little site allows you to organise your own group with absolutely no risk of being covered in saliva. For bonus points, mix it up by playing a track from your media player simultaneously to give you some DJ steeze- or just create a horrible sound clash. BUST OUT

2) This one is all about the synth combined with soft lighting. Simple but effective, its the sort of thing that you can mess around with for ages. Unfortunately it also reveals my utter lack of musical talent. Oh well, give it a go. CHILL OUT

3) Of course, for those of you who are actually into your music making Soundcloud will be old news. But for the layman majority, this is a cracking way of checking out tons of exciting new shizzle, remixes, DIY betroom atrocities and so on. Remember how we used to use Myspace back in prehistoric times to listen to up and coming Sheffield bands? This is way better- search whatever you want and there’ll be something out there, normally with ten times the amount of bass you were expecting. Although “Your Sound, At the Heart” is one of the clunkiest slogans I’ve heard in years. PASS OUT (what?)

And finally, I never had no idea that the humble printer can be so musical. Could be a prime skanking opportunity in the library: