What The Hell?! Thats Not Even Music

“All publicity is good publicity”

Upon the virality of Jon’s reaction video (190,000 views so far), the Tab contacted him for a more in depth review of Skepta’s new video. Check out the reaction video below!

Skepta, real name Joseph Junior Adenuga, is undoubtedly one of the hottest artists on the UK grime scene and has been for a number of years. In recent times, hits such as “Too Many Man” and “Rescue Me” have elevated his status and brought him into the mainstream somewhat. Alongside artists such as Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder and Dizzee Rascal, Skepta’s recent success has appeared to herald a new wave of UK urban music; setting the scene for his latest video.

Taken from the album “Doing It Again,” the single “All Over the House” chronicles the sexual escapades of Mr. Adenuga. Detailing how he engages in carnal acts in various rooms throughout the house, the music video is actually an accurate depiction of the song’s lyrical content. Nevertheless, was it really necessary? Clearly the video was not intended for mainstream release. Perhaps it was something Skepta wanted to do. Maybe it was simply to add to his filmography. More cynical observers will suggest that it was a brazen ploy to create buzz. Whatever the case, I am sure there are thousands of fans who reacted in a similar manner to Tyson (grey hoody guy) and me upon viewing it.

For those of you yet to see the video, it is effectively porn with a Skepta soundtrack. Absolutely everything is on show and I am fairly certain that television regulations would not allow it to be shown; even on the infamous late night XXX AKA Channel. The X-rated scenes are punctuated with scenes of Skepta rapping along. In today’s society, with sex seemingly becoming a continually more overt feature of everyday life, porn has arguably become almost universally accepted. Many comments on the YouTube video ask, “Have these two never seen porn before?” A clear indication of its increasing prevalence.

This, in my view is irrelevant. I have never before seen porn when expecting to see a music video. If I wanted to watch porn, I could do so. I expected a music video. YES, Snoop Dogg has produced his own feature length porn film in the past. YES, UK artists N-Dubz and Lethal B have had topless girls in music videos in the past. Whilst Skepta is not the individual partaking in the acts, he has taken things a step further. To my knowledge no music artist, certainly in the UK, has used the music video medium to display such lewd acts, in such vivid detail.

Skepta is 28 years of age. Despite issues of taste, freedom of expression dictates that he is perfectly within his mandate to make such a video, if he so chooses. The main objection I have is that he runs the risk of exposing his younger fans to such vulgarity. As my housemate Ainsley says in jest during the video, “if you like Amnesia (Skepta’s previous single), you’ll love this one.” Unfortunately, many younger fans that did enjoy Amnesia, will be curious to see the new video, perhaps genuinely believing what Ainsley joked.

Skepta has certainly divided opinion. Whatever one’s view is of the video, it is certainly a hot topic. As the saying goes, “all publicity is good publicity.” Only time will tell whether this will leave fans exclaiming “What the hell?!” or if they truly will be able to “look past the porn..”

Watch this space.