Football The Not So Beautiful Game

Who are the dirtiest footballers that have graced the premiership?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the dirtiest player of them all?

Football, the beautiful game, but nothing is as beautiful as it first seems and no I’m not talking about Martin Keown. Following Gattuso’s ban after clashing with Tottenham assistant coach during a Champions League tie and Rooney dodging a ban for elbowing McCarthy, players’ disciplinary records have been bought to the forefront of public attention. But who are the dirtiest footballers that have graced the premiership?

Roy Keane

Undeniably Keane has earned the right to be considered a Manchester United legend however the former United and Republic of Ireland captain, famous for his brutal tackles and lack of respect for authority, is definitely no saint. His vicious career ending challenge against Manchester City’s Alf-Inge Haaland alone is enough to earn him a place on this list. This coupled with his constant feud with Vieira resulting in an on pitch bust up which continued in the tunnel makes him a player that nobody would want to see in opposing colours.

Robbie Savage

The player everybody loves to hate. Although not considered one of the most aggressive players around, this Welsh international holds the record for the most yellow cards gained in one season (14) and the third highest yellow card tally in premier league history (89). His annoyingly impressive diving skills could easily earn him a place in Britons 2012 Olympic swimming team, making him a nightmare to play against.

Patrick Vieira

Manchester City’s premier league veteran, most remembered for his time at Arsenal is arguably the dirtiest player of the lot. Standing at a towering height of 6ft 3 with a joint record amount of red cards with Duncan Ferguson and Richard Dunne (8) and 72 yellow cards to his name its clear this is one footballer you don’t want chopping at your legs.

Vinnie Jones

Ex- Wimbledon, Leeds and Chelsea legend that will forever be remembered as the tough and dirty player famed for the way he used to tackle the wrong way rather than the right way. Allegedly he was rough enough to make Tony Adams hide from him in the dressing room which is not an easy feat for any man. With the fourth highest red card count (7) Vinnie Jones is not a man you would like to cross in a dark alley let alone a football pitch.

If there are any players you think don’t deserve to be on this list, or any which you think were missed out comment below.