MILLIONAIRE comes to Southampton this Thursday

This Thursday, a King will be coming to Southampton…

This Thursday, a King will be coming to Southampton…

In our universities very own Bridge Bar, Fish on Toast Southampton Entrepreneurs are hosting the biggest and most talked about event of the year with special guest speaker and multimillionaire – Will King.

At the Soton Tab we’re big fans of Fish on Toast – our Editor was formerly Vice President so there’s a lot of love there.

King of Shaves is the brainchild of entrepreneur Will King, who started up business in 1993 after being made redundant. Although he had no cash for manufacturing, he went for the the good old ‘friends, family and fools’ rule to get his business off the ground.

In the first year, King of Shaves took £300, and lost £30,000. You may be asking why on earth Southampton Entrepreneurs is hosting an event with this guy, surely his business failed?

This was not the case, as when many of us would have walked away Will remained focused, and with sheer determination he set to marketing his product to make it the giant brand it is today. King of Shaves now rivals the industry giant Gillette, and has launched their first ever razor to compete in the billion pound market.

Fish on Toast are well known across campus for their quality weekly events featuring free pizza for all who attend. They’re boasting a great speaker series this semester, , including young entrepreneur Rich Martell, founder of (A.K.A Fit Finder).

Fish on Toast is this Thursday at 6pm in the Bridge Bar. Take the opportunity to meet a successful entrepreneur, eat free pizza, and not pay a penny!

Check out a Parody of the King’s Speech by Will King below: