Meet ‘Good Girl’ Alexis Jordan…

Here at the Tab we like to keep our beautiful fans up to date with all the latest news, gossip and showbiz happenings, which is by far the most important […]

Just who IS Alexis Jordan?

Here at the Tab we like to keep our beautiful fans up to date with all the latest news, gossip and showbiz happenings, which is by far the most important part, of course…So as a dutiful showbiz editor I feel it is time to shed some light on an area of showbiz mystery – just who IS Alexis Jordan?

Even Alexis doesn't know who she is...

While I wait for the inevitable tumbleweed to clear, let me just assure you that you probably DO already know who the owner of this delectable name is, although it’s likely that making the connection is similar to the feeling of struggling to remember a dream, as soon as you think you’re close to getting the answer it slips away before you can grab it. So, I’m here to clear up this annoyance, to give you a general introduction to Miss Jordan’s work and to outline why you should love it. That way, next time someone asks you who she is, you’ll practically sound like Perez Hilton himself…just less flesh crawlingly irritating. Hopefully.

Perhaps it’s easiest to start with this little video, I’m sure after a few seconds you’ll make the connection seeing as it’s been played in most decent clubs and is generally a bit of a tune…

So, if that’s rung any bells, then well done, you’re not as hopeless as you once thought you were. If not, you may be hopeless but that’s ok, this article will give you all the information you need and will make you a better person for it.

Alexis' debut single peaked at #3

By now I’m hoping that who Alexis Jordan is and what it is that she does has clicked, she is, of course, the artist who crept up on us last September and gave us the surprise hit ‘Happiness.’ With her voice akin to that of Leona Lewis, Jordan has ensured she steers clear of the traditional ballad route favoured by our X Factor champ and has found a niche in poppy-club tracks which, whilst showing off her incredible vocals, ensure that she’s not over doing it a la Christina. A good thing, seeing as we all know where her career went. Clue: Not somewhere very pretty.

However, despite the sudden emergence of this singer, don’t be fooled into thinking that she’s new to the entertainment scene. Alexis first found fame by appearing on the very first series of America’s Got Talent, way back before Sharon Osbourne graced the panel, auditioning before Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff and Brandy (Remember her?!). Aged just 13, Jordan belted out the Whitney classic ‘I Have Nothing,’ gaining her a place in the semi-finals of the show where she was promptly eliminated. Awkward.

Alexis first found fame aged 13 on America's Got Talent

However, things looked up for the starlet shortly after her appearance on the show, when her youtube account gained millions of views as people tuned in to see her take on other formidable tunes, prompting r’n’b legend Jay-Z to sign her up to his Roc Nation label.

Anyway, enough about the past, Alexis Jordan is currently attacking the UK charts and it’s this we’re here to focus on. Her debut single ‘Happiness,’ which I must admit I believed to be a bit of a joke at first, exceeded all expectations and peaked at #3. This was generally a bit baffling as nobody seemed to know who she was or where she came from. Perhaps it’s just because of the weird futuristic video we thought, and passing her off as a one hit wonder, continued with our lives quite comfortably.

Alexis showcase her moves and her schoolgirl look

However, Jordan soon started making waves again with the premiere of her SECOND single! How DARE she prove us wrong! Would it be as good as the first? Surely she’ll crash and burn this time? Oh no, not a chance. Soon ‘Good Girl’ had begun to slowly worm its way into our consciousness much in the way ‘Happiness’ had and soon its bouncy rhythm had us all hooked. Again. As well as the track, Alexis premiered the accompanying video which showcased not only her Ciara-like moves, but also her impersonation of what is possibly either the sweetest or most irritating school girl EVER.

Alexis recently performed at London's G.A.Y.

With this track currently sitting at the #6 spot, narrowly missing out on another top 5 due to Chipmunk and Chris Brown’s collaboration, we should all start to take notice of the now 18 year old star. She’s since released her debut album, imaginatively titled ‘Alexis Jordan,’ which is again surprising everyone with its #8 midweek’s position, a decent entry for a newbie contending with the mighty Adele.

On top of all this, Alexis has only JUST come to the UK for her first promotional visit, which makes her success all the more significant. She took to the stage at live hotspot G.A.Y. to perform her two singles and tracks from her album, which is surprisingly good.

Whilst the tracks aren’t the lyrically deepest we’ve ever come across, she manages to encompass both playful and diva-esque pop songs with relatable and heart warming ballads. She has also managed to sample ‘Shout’ by Tears For Fears/Dizzee Rascal & James Corden which is either ridiculous or a sheer stroke of GENIUS.

Check out her album sampler below and be sure to remember the name Alexis Jordan, I feel we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the coming months…