SUSU Elections: Our Favourite Campaign Videos

At The Tab we’ve been looking around to try and find the best SUSU Elections campaign videos.

Every year during the elections, a lot of candidates make campaign videos, with varying degrees of success. At The Tab we’ve been looking around to try and find the best videos to showcase here. We’ve put a list together in no particular order, (to retain our impartiality) check them out below and enjoy!

1. Aaron Bali

We have previously and unfairly given Aaron a hard time on the Soton Tab by accusing him of ‘pulling the race card’, but aside from that – we genuinely liked this video. Particularly the appearance of Chloe Green halfway through.

2. Derek

This video is fantastic. Derek never ceases to amaze The Tab, and the rest of the electorate. Dare we say it – he might win this year? Enjoy the video below:

3. Dax Wood

Dax was always going to have a fantastic campaign video, being the Station Manager of SUSU TV. However, he’s done a heck of a lot better than we thought he would this year, with an interactive video. If you haven’t seen it yet – this is definitely worth a watch:

4. Jazzy Sherman

This is one of Jazz’s many videos. Every single one of her videos is great – interesting, with the main policies flashing across the screen. Nice work Jazzy:

And an even better video from Jazz:

5. Daz Newland

The first campaign video we saw – pretty funny, definitely worth a watch.

If you find any more videos that are worth a watch, email [email protected].