So who's ACTUALLY running for the SUSU elections?

The official list for SUSU elections candidates has been released. So just how correct were our rumours?

This afternoon the Wessex Scene reported the official list of candidates running in the SUSU elections this year. The candidates were due to officially be announced live on SUSU TV tonight at 7pm, but it seems the Wessex Scene has managed to get the results out a few hours early.

Chances are the SUSU TV team are not in a good mood right now.

At the first meeting of all the candidates, President Billy Fitzjohn made it clear that “candidates and their teams are expected to comply with the letter and spirit” of the rules of elections week (as stated on the SUSU elections website).

In reference to the Soton Tab, he apparently said:

Don’t get upset about things put online that SUSU cannot control, I think you all know what I am referring to.

Emily Rees, the current VP Welfare & Societies, also kindly said:

Don’t let this be your only resort, you’ll feel crap if you don’t get it and you have nothing else to fall back on.

The Official SUSU elections lineup:


  • Aaron Bali
  • Alexandra Cunningham
  • Charlotte Davison
  • Samuel Ling
  • Derek “monorail” Mallison
  • Jazmin Sherman
  • Jessica Staff
  • Charlie Torrible

Accuracy: 89%. We got all of these names on our rumours article, but there was one extra guy who didn’t nominate himself in the end.

Vice President Academic Affairs

  • Benjamin Brooks
  • Jonathan Davies
  • Samantha Stephson
  • Sasha Watson

Accuracy: 100%. We had a lot of these guys down as TBC – it turns out they all bit the bullet.

Vice President (Communications)

  • Joe Mclo
  • Hayley Taulbut
  • Daniel Webb
  • Dax Wood

Accuracy: 100%. The 4 heads of SUSU media departments, each battling for ultimate Murdoch-style supremacy.

Vice President (Sports & Development)

  • Jonathan Brooks-Bartlett
  • Dean Jones

Accuracy: 100%. We also had Jane Law down as a TBC for this, unfortunately it seems she chose not to go for it. Shame… we love that girl.

Vice President (Student Engagement)

  • Akhil Gowrinath
  • Adam Moloney
  • Shane Murphy
  • Daryl Newland

Accuracy: 60%. We didn’t manage to get Adam previously, and we got a couple wrong :(.

Vice President (Welfare & Communities)

  • Emily Eldridge
  • Francesca Fry
  • Ryo Tabusa

Accuracy: 100%. We didn’t get Ryo initially but our fellow gossip-mongers helped out with him.

Vice President (Winchester & Sites)

  • Joseph Ellis
  • Simon Protheroe
  • Sophie Rakow

Accuracy: 100%, thanks to all our commenters! We didn’t get anyone on this initially.