Anonymous Insider Claims SUSU is being DESTROYED by Senior Management

An inside whistle-blower has claimed that senior management is side-lining SABB’s and “taking over” the union with destructive consequences.

An email has been leaked by an anonymous whistle-blower working within SUSU claiming that the senior management have ‘taken over’ the Students Union and Athletic Union from the Sabbatical Officers. The email complained that it should not be the management running the Union, but the students.

I am very alarmed by the news that our union has apparently been taken over by the new senior management…

The leaked email also claims that senior management has been carelessly wasting union money on office re-locations and ‘unnecessary middle management’, putting some of the union staff in a position where they have been forced to resign.

The whistle blower wishes to remain anonymous to prevent management 'banning' their views.

The whistle-blower also claims that:

  • £30k has been wasted on office moves and improving management offices
  • Over £100k has been spent on unnecessary middle management
  • Sabbaticals are being given meaningless tasks by management to keep them occupied
  • Further staff resignations will come if there is not significant change

Union President Billy FitzJohn has been contacted on the matter, but as yet has not been able to comment.

You can read the full email here.