Are we GaGa for GaGa's new single?

All you need to know about the lead single from the eccentric artist’s sophomore album.

Lady GaGa's new single has just premiered in America...

Ok guys, Lady GaGa is back. I imagine some of you are groaning, rolling your eyes and wishing she’d just fade into obscurity with the rest of her meat dress. For the majority though, this signals the arrival of yet another collection of immensely catchy pop songs that you will hear everywhere you go but love them for it all the same.

Today, GaGa’s newest single ‘Born This Way’ premiered in the US of A, and so here’s everything you need to know about the track.

On first play, the track does sound a little Eurovision-esque

There are a couple of things we should mention before we charge ahead with the rest of the article though. Firstly, on initially hearing the track, you can be excused for thinking you’ve downloaded the wrong song and ended up with Malta’s Eurovision entry. However, this confusion WILL stop after the first play, just give it another chance. Secondly, it does lend itself towards being a bit of a ‘gay anthem.’ Don’t let this put you off though, because the song is too good to ignore.

Now, we say that the track has a bit of a Eurovision feel to it because of the lyrics, which are all about being proud of who you are and not being afraid to love yourself. Pretty cheesy, no? However, as usual, Lady GaGa ensures that this is compensated for by an insanely slick production which should have you bouncing off the walls.

This is what you should be seeing everytime you hear the track

Whilst the track is more stripped back than we’re used to, the thumping beat is a perfect addition and creates an anthem-like feel which, once you’ve had one too many Jesticles, will ensure that you’re screaming the words as if you were the Lady herself. Whilst the track does sound different to what we’ve heard from her before, as popjustice mentions,

‘It’s a fresh sound, but in the mentalness stakes it’s not the sort of song you would fire across a field at a cow if you wanted to make it do an involuntary poo.’

A statement I feel sums things up quite effectively.

The track can quite easily been thought of as a 'gay anthem'

Now, as for the ‘gay anthem’ comment, with lines such as “Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen,” this is hard to deny. However, as music site popjustice goes on to say, ‘It’s a song about gays being alright, but it’s also a song about straights being alright, and everyone else being alright too. It’s a freedom anthem, and you can’t go wrong with a bit of that’ which we can’t help but to agree with. Essentially the track is a celebration of being different, and GaGa effortlessly ensures the song makes listeners feel happy and carefree as soon as you hit the chorus. Therefore the fact that this will be played at a million ‘Pride’ events in the coming year does not make it exclusive to the LGBT society.

As well as a more simple production, we also find GaGa’s vocals sounding much less auto-tuned and somewhat purer than we have in her previous efforts, where at times she can sound almost a bit too robotic. (We’re thinking ‘Dance In The Dark’ etc) This is therefore pretty good timing, considering her latest interview with Vogue, in which she stated that:

‘I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do.’

GaGa claims to be one of the best performers in the world

Whilst we’re not so keen on GaGa’s lack of modesty, at least she is able to back up her statement by treating us to a richer sounding vocal turn than has been found in any of her previous singles. This step away from over-production gives the track a more old-school pop song vibe which we’re loving.

The chorus, as now expected of the superstar, is irresistible. Taking no prisoners, it is a fast paced, bouncy pop-stormer which means that even if you don’t know the words you’ll be humming along or making up your own in no time. As well as the sensational chorus, GaGa also breaks down into a semi-rap which is amazing, and sees her shadowed by a heavy beat. All in all, mesmerising.

Are you Born This Way?

So, there you have it. You should now be fully prepared for what to expect and geared up for GaGa’s first ever live performance of the track at the Grammys on Sunday. As the world continues to go GaGa mad, we have one piece of advice for you from the lady herself…

‘Just put your paws up, Coz you were Born This Way, baby’