What people did on the 17th!

‘Project For Awesome Day’

Since 2007, December the 17th has been a very special day to millions around the globe. Apart from being in the run up to Christmas Day, it is ‘Project For Awesome Day’. Project For Awesome Day is a day where the Youtube community make videos about their favourite causes and charities and post them online. Then we all go crazy commenting, liking, favouriting and forwarding the videos, thus causing a sort of false virality and pushes them to cover the Youtube frontpage (US). Furthermore for every comment, the charity in the video gets 1 penny with the total donation capped at $10,000. All in all reducing ‘World Suck’.

In the week running up to ‘P4A’ day I planned and brainstormed with friends on how I could make a video, that gets the point across, shows that the cause is just, and gives people a chance to laugh at me.  Even though I did the standard annoying vlog tactic of cutting my sentences short and jumping around the screen, I produced a pretty good and totally weird video. (check it out below)

After about 12 hours of it being up and receiving just over 100 comments, a comment appeared from the organisers saying my video was being featured on the front page. Next thing I know my Blackberry went CRAZY with comments as 2,755 people viewed it and plastered it across the web!

One of the best things about the whole thing is that it’s not all about money. It’s about taking some time out to do something fun/crazy/weird which raises the profile and work of charities big or small. The Banana Tree Project is one of the best run charities I have ever seen, that makes an invaluable contribution to the world and now two and half thousand more people know about it!

Matt Quinn volunteering for the Banana Tree Project

I hope to see more UK submissions next year and I am already planning out what ridiculous stuff I can put in it again. By the way, on top of the fact that it’s an amazing video, if you want to see how to blow a condom up on your head make sure you watch it! Merry Christmas Everybody!