Illegal Drugs, So What Are The Benefits?

An article highlighting often unknown health benefits of illicit drugs.

The dangers of illegal drugs are well known and regularly advertised, but with all the negative coverage, have some of their benefits been overlooked? In an attempt to redress the situation this article takes a look at some of their health benefits.

Disclaimer: The Soton Tab does not recommend or condone the use of illegal drugs as their benefits are far outweighed by their detrimental effects.


Cannabis is the most widely used of our four drugs with an estimated 9% of Britons using the substance. It is also the most thoroughly researched with studies looking into its use for cancer,  chronic pain, Tourette’s syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease to name but a few.

The drug has been previously used in cancer sufferers to induce appetite and prevent nausea. A recent study at Salerno University has also linked the drug to inhibiting the growth of tumours in cancer sufferers.

If you’ve over eaten a bit this festive season cannabis might just be the drug to get rid of that troublesome heartburn. A Danish report has shown cannabis to have a positive effect on the stomach valves controlling the flow of stomach acid.

Speed (Amphetamines)

Speed has been used to increase alertness since World War II where it was given to soldiers on watch duty. Recently it has been used for narcolepsy and more surprisingly ADHD sufferers. A Harvard University study showed a marked improvement in concentration for 60% of subjects suffering from ADHD.

Taking Amphetamines can also be a great way to lose weight. Speed simultaneously increases your metabolism and diminishes your appetite making speed the drug of choice for all you fatties out there. In fact some prescription weight loss drugs in the US contain amphetamines.


MDMA more commonly known as Ecstasy was first introduced into a blood stream in 1953 by the US military seeking to create a truth serum.  The drug was also used in a more romantic setting during the 1970’s to facilitate couples therapy.

Recently, research into the substance at Duke University, North Carolina has suggested that it may reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It is also beneficial in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety as suffered by war veterans, victims of violent crimes and terminally ill patients.


No health benefits for this one I’m afraid, although the coca leaves themselves are used for ailments such as altitude sickness and indigestion.


Developed in the late 1800’s heroin was originally purported as an alternative to morphine and falsely advertised as a suitable way to overcome morphine addiction.

Presently it is used in UK hospitals for its qualities as a powerful painkiller and sedative in cases of severe pain or terminal illness, although you will more likely hear it referred to by its chemical name, diamorphine.