SNOW DAY! And We’re Having a MASSIVE Snowball Fight on the Common

Southampton’s Biggest Snowball fight took place on the Common on December 2nd, 2010.

If you haven’t heard already, Southampton University is now closed for the rest of the day. Which is fantastic seeing as this gives us a valid reason to skip lectures.

The beauty of Facebook – someone has already created a Facebook Event for Southampton’s Biggest Snowball Fight – on the Common today, 1pm-4pm. The event already has over 230 people attending. Who knows how big things could get?

Have you got any snow pictures or videos? We want to see Southampton’s best snowmen, footage of ‘unfortunate accidents’, and of course, people getting pummeled by snowballs.

We’ve picked out our favourite pictures from the event:

The army of Southampton Students

Team A gears up for the war

Team B does the same

Chaos ensues

One casualty from the battle

Guess what happens next?

You guessed right.

This shopping trolley may or may not be stolen.

The bucket of snow over the head technique is clearly a favoured one.

You can see the full album of photos on Facebook.