Worst Christmas Song Ever?

As it is now December, the playing of Christmas music can be justified.

Today is the 1st of December. Now apart from it being World AIDS Day it is also the first day of advent chocolate for millions of children across the world. Beyond that, as it is now December the playing of Christmas music can be justified.

In search for some dissertation background music, I googled new Christmas songs only to find, the WORST Christmas song I have ever heard. Below is a new song called ‘Christmas Tree’ performed by Lady GaGa and Space Cowboy.

It totally trashes the typical idea of Christmas time festivities with friends and families, making me feel like I’ve drunk way too much eggnog and giving me a two minute-twenty four second headache.

“Ho, Ho, Ho under the mistletoe, yes everybody knows we will take off our clothes, yes if you want us to, we will” and “My Christmas tree’s delicious” are repeated throughout. It’s pure holly (like what I did there?).

So I’ll just leave it on repeat while I work then.