Forget the Referendum, Obama called David Cameron a ‘lightweight’!

Here are my favourite absolutely crazy things to have come from Wikileaks.

It’s been another busy week in Southampton with even more bizarre events occurring. However the thing that I have found most bizarre is the complete lack of attention students are paying to Wikileaks releasing over 200,000 private US government messages which were apparently smuggled using a Lady GaGa CD!

We’ve had widespread debates over whether or not to join the NUS (including the complete obliteration of Aaron Porter). North and South Korea engaged in military operations against each other. More student protests against cuts have turned violent in London.

Julian Assange, the Founder of Wikileaks, is currently being accused of rape.

No mention of Wikileaks.

Here are my favourite absolutely crazy things to have come from Wikileaks

  • Arab nations urged military US action in Iran.
  • The location of the US’ nuclear stockpiles in Europe
  • Obama called Cameron a “lightweight”
  • The UK pledged to “limit Iraq probe” to protect American interests there
  • China is ready to “abandon” North Korea as an ally
  • Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi “appears to have an intense dislike or fear of staying on upper floors”

Moving forward, more documents are being released hour by hour and they are simply fascinating! Wikileaks claims to have 5GB of Bank of America files which would shed some light on banking corruption and why the banks were so swiftly saved in the US.

To conclude, Vote NO 2 NUS, and check out Wikileaks ASAP.