Second Student Protest is scheduled, and SUSU will NOT be going

A protest organised by left-wing groups who condoned the violence that took place at the last student protest have organised a nationwide day of action, ‘Day-X’.

Following the student protest in London on 10th November, a second student protest ‘Day-X’ is scheduled for 24th November.

The last student protest in London, organised jointly by the NUS and the UCU unions was hijacked by anarchists breaking into the Tory HQ, Millbank Tower.

Students at the London Protest

Under Day-X, there are plans for nationwide action against cuts, both against those to education, and those across the board. This protest is organised by left-wing groups, many of whom condoned the violence that ensued at Millbank Tower.

Rob Stanning, SUSU Vice President for Academic Affairs said yesterday on Surge Radio, “SUSU does not, as yet, have an opinion on Day-X, but I will not be personally encouraging students to go.”

We will not be providing transport like we did for the Demolition event.”

The general consensus on yesterday’s radio debate was that Day-X was probably not ‘the best way to go’, and that students should write to their MP’s to let them know their feelings on the issue.

The plans for Day-X next Wednesday are still fairly under wraps, but The Education Activist Network says that they plan to target the Lib Dem HQ, and have even suggested targeting Nick Clegg’s house. This might just be a bit too far.