David Haye vs The Klitchkos; YES PLEASE!!

Haye Outclasses and TKO’s Harrison

As you may have heard and possibly seen, on Saturday 13th November David Haye did exactly what he had said he was going to do. Haye the man with more confidence than Superman demolished Audley Harrison inside three rounds as promised. Billed as “The Best Of Enemies”, the fight did not live up to the expectations of many, with Harrison coming off the back of a confidence building knock out of Michael Sprott. Many thought that Harrison would come out fierce, given that this was most likely his final opportunity to be world champion.

The nation was drawn into the biggest British heavyweight title fight since Bruno vs Lennox, however in reality this was nothing more than Haye  taking more money for his retirement plan. In reality even if the Olympic Gold-medal winning Harrison had come out on Saturday, that man would still never have stood a chance against Haye especially if his game plan was to throw only once punch in three rounds, which was exactly what he did.

The man with the hardest pound for pound punch in the world aptly known as the “Hayemaker” and with some of the quickest combination punches ever seen in the Show division of boxing, Haye was always going to win. It was never an option for him not to. Haye has always promised he would retire by November 2011 as the undisputed world heavy weight champion of the world and I see no reason to doubt this either.

The Hayemaker

To become undisputed, David Haye must hold all the world title belts available in the heavyweight division. He currently holds the WBA belt with the Klitchko brothers holding the other three between them. This is a big ask for Haye. The Klitchkos have been around since before Lennox and have had a stranglehold on the division for what seems like the last decade. However Vitali and Wladimir Klitchko have been beaten and both have been knocked out. The most memorable being Lennox Lewis’ outclassing of Vitali in Las vegas 2003.

However although they have held such a hold on the division for so long, I believe that it is the lack of class during this time which has allowed them to reign for so long. For the last three years neither brother has fought anybody of note and with Wladimir schedule to fight Derek Chisora (a Brit seeded lower than both Harrison and Haye) in December proves this beyond doubt.

David and Vitali at The Ring magazine boxing awards, surely the fight all boxing fans want to happen

The Fight that everybody wants to see is for David Haye to step up to the plate and fight either of the brothers. This would breath new life into the heavwieght division with such a fight not having happenend since Lennox vs Tyson. The fight would be of that magnitude. Haye has a genuine chance to unify the division, although the Klitchkos have proven chins with Haye has the power and speed to not only beat them but like he did to Nikolai Valuev, make them look slow and uncultured.

This needs to be Haye’s next fight and the nation are genuinely behind him. His speed and agility are something Klitchkos have not faced since Lewis and are everything they struggle with. It’s time to end their long reign Mr. Haye, I can see two knocked out Klitchkos on the cards within the next year. Lets hope that it happens and that the rivalry isn’t just kept to grotesque mock up photos of each other an  shown below.

A grotesque mock up of Haye holding Vitali's severed head