Should I wait for the right girl or simply work on my score card?

Shall I stick to my morals and stay alone at night?

I have a friend who, despite his sleaziness, often gets girls. His callous attitude towards females, which I would go as far to say is misogynistic, sometimes makes me feel uneasy. Nevertheless, his statistics cannot go ignored any longer: he does gash a lot. In order to improve my numbers, shall I follow his route and undertake a rigorous programme of womanizing or shall I stick to my morals and stay alone at night? Please help me Jack and Jim.

Thanks for your question Sneaky B. This is a common question that I’m sure is running through a lot of guys heads. The way you say ‘increase my numbers’ suggests that you are keen to undertake this programme that you described and are considering a period of prolonged ‘womanizing’.

It comes down to whether you like girls and enjoy spending time with them or you are simply keen to ‘add to your numbers’. The latter is clearly the fast easy option to cure your loneliness, while the former although it may take longer, will ultimately be more rewarding.

Our advice would be to wait for the right girl to come along. However you may feel that this has already been going on for too long. It is possible to enjoy female company without resorting to ‘womanising’ as long as you are careful not to throw away your morals and do anything that you will regret.