LOCH NESS MONSTER spotted in Highfield pond

“Students left terrified” at the recent sighting of the lake monster.

Usually a habitant of Scottish lochs, the legendary Loch Ness Monster has never ventured this far south before.

Amy Weafer, a Southampton student, was one of the few to catch sight of the water beast. She said, ‘OMG, I just totally freaked. Nearly even choked on my bagel’.

This is the first reported encounter with Nessie this year. There has been a recent slump in sightings of the monster, going from 17 in 1996, to only one last year.

Another student said, ‘I can’t believe how big it was. I literally nearly fainted’.

There is a general worry across campus that further activity from the monster could detract from students’ studies. Although the Loch Ness Monster has yet to cause any severe damage, we hope this was a one-off visit from the Scottish legend. What with Southampton Uni being as academic as it is, this is about as much drama as we can deal with!