Alonso shines through the Korean darkness as Vettel, Webber and Button fall by the way side.

The Korean Grand prix made its much anticipated debut onto the F1 calendar this October. Although one would assume most of the focus would have been on the dynamic new track and its glittering, yet barely finished facilites. However for once it is the racing that had got everyone talking.

The Barely finished Yeongyam Circuit

The race was scattered with interesting starts, restarts, crashes and retirements in what looked more like monsoon weather rather than racing conditions. In a race that featured more events than an Essex girl’s diary, we saw two of the leading drivers in the championship retire.

Mark Webber of Red Bull was unable to transfer his enviable dry weather driving skills to a wet track crashing out early on in a stop start race. His fellow team mate Sebastian Vetttel, looked supreme leading every lap until his Renault manufactured engine blew up in spectacular fashion, questioning the cars reliability yet again. This allowed Fernando Alonso of Ferrari to take the win and also the lead in the Drivers championship with only two races to go.

Another strong performance From Lewis Hamilton of McLaren saw him push up to Third, only 21 points behind the leader. However elsewhere we saw what seems to be the end of the previous world champion, Jenson Button’s title push with a disappointing finish in 12th place.

Fernado Alonso celebrating an important victory

Korea provided a great show for the fans of Formula One, with a few minor track alterations and a few more infrastructure improvements will lead to it being on the calendar for a long time to come.

Elsewhere in the world this month we have seen F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone sign a lucrative deal with the Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring the sport to the Southern Russian resort of Sochi, which coincidentally is also holding the 2014 Winter Olympics.

More to come next weekend with Brazilian Grand Prix taking place.