The SU are installing free condom machines

Now there’s no excuse

ED-E’LLO! Police escort EDL flashmob at Town Hall

The EDL did a flashmob, got drunk and shouted at students, say witnesses

Sports Scholarships for Sheffield’s Stars

Sheffield’s best and brightest athletes have been handed scholarships by the uni

Sheffield Student Gets Heated to Cut Bills

A Shef Uni student has started a campaign for a student heating subsidy

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

If you do, you could have done worse than Sheffield…

Grade Point Honours?

Sheffield is set to replace 200 year-old degree classifications with the “grade point” system.

Photos: University Picket Lines

Strikers formed several picket lines outside university buildings this morning

Hockeygate: Sheffield and Durham Compete for “Most Childish Club” Award

Last week’s 4-0 victory for Durham “2nd XI” over Sheffield’s 1st team has become a little too much for both teams.

F-Inox Dining

Sheffield has a new home of fine dining. It’s on Level 5…

Sex and the Steel City

Have sex. Be happy. Sheffield is nailing it.

Sheffield Student Hurt in Hit and Run – Police Appeal for Witnesses

A Sheffield student was injured in a suspected hit-and-run on Tuesday morning.

Sheffield The Worst City to be a Young Person

Sheffield is the worst place in the country to be a young person, according to a new (stupid) study.

BREAKING: Major Incident in Broomhill

Police close Fulwood Road in Broomhill after late-night incident.

Union turned down Freshers’ Fair goody bags due to gender issues

Women’s Officer turned down ‘His and Hers’ bags due to shade of make-up and wider gender issues

Union To Vote on Blurred Lines Ban

Union set to ban the song that supposedly promotes rape

The Tab’s A-Z of Sheffield – Part Two

More things you’ve heard of. And more things you haven’t. In alphabetical order.

NUS Tells Uni to Ban Blurred Lines

NUS pressure Sheffield to ban the summer anthem on campus

EDL Hit Out at Sheffield’s “Rich” Students

They came, they got angry, they went home.

Review – Corporation

It’s grimy. It’s degrading. But boy do we love it.

Paradise Found?

Milton Wainwright discovers alien life forms