Are you the hot mess of your friendship group?

Yes they haven’t showered in days but they make great cups of tea

Single in Sheffield? Applications for the new series of First Dates are open

Swap blue pints for true love

Sheffield set to take on Coachella themed night for Freshers’ Week

It’s all happening at Code 16 September

What to do in Freshers’ Week that doesn’t involve drinking

The stuff you can actually tell your parents

Shots at city centre venue Café Totem will be just 50p from next month

This is not a drill

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week – Empty Club Edition

Sheffield do better you are making this difficult.

These are the top five parks and green spaces in Sheffield

For any country bumpkins coming to the Steel City

What people really think of West Street Live, according to TripAdvisor

Who doesn’t love a night in WSL? A few people apparently

Every reason why students should get behind Sheffield United this season

The perfect way to get over the disappointment of the World Cup

What Hallam and Uni of Sheffield are really like, according to TripAdvisor

One reviewer said Hallam has “superior chat”

I met the Lord Mayor of Sheffield on a night out at West Street Live

It could only happen in wezzie

Sure, these Clubbers of the Week were born in Sheffield, but they were made in the summer of 2018

They did things they never dreamed they would

Sheffield Hallam has finished above Uni Of Sheffield in new student satisfaction rankings

Sheffield Hallam polled alongside some top Russell Group unis

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: The End of Summer?

Everybody make some noise for thunderstorms!

Tramlines review: A weekend of sun, sounds and Sheffield at its best

We’re already buzzing for Tramlines 2019

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Tramlines Special

What a weird and wavey weekend

Best Dressed: Tramlines Special

More like glamlines

Reverend and the Makers: ‘Tramlines is a beautiful coming together of the people’

‘The people of Sheffield are very special’

No Hot Ashes: ‘We’ve always said use the platform we’ve got for good’

The four-piece played Tramlines on Friday

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