This is every type of boy you’ll find on Hinge in Sheffield

There’s too many Alex Turners!!!

Being a student in Sheffield means living student life to the fullest. This means you get to experience everything first-hand, and you meet hundreds of new people.

Dating apps tend to be a student favourite, purely because they’re so easy to use and convenient. However, I seriously respect anyone who thinks they’ve found the love of their life from Hinge, because they’re not all 10/10’s, trust me.

Here’s a definitive and oddly specific list of all the boys you’ll find on Hinge in Sheffield.

The possessive one

This type of boy is the one that keeps begging to meet you, even though you’ve told them you’re busy until next week. The begging is a big ick. They persist and persist until you end up un-matching them because it’s just too much. Their dog wasn’t even that cute.

The rugby lad

I feel like we’re all familiar with this type of lad. They live and breathe rugby, so it’s any wonder how they have time for Hinge.

The footballer

Similar to the rugby boy, they don’t seem to shut up about their team. The football boy tends to be a little more family orientated than most, though, and you could potentially end up being a WAG, so keep ’em close, girls.

The Stone Island boy

Get the badge in. This type of boy can either really pull off this look, or they can end up looking like someone’s dad who’s trying to “get down with the kids”.

The Alex Turner wannabe

Living in Sheffield means seeing so many Alex Turner wannabes. Yes, we all love Alex Turner, but you’re never gonna be the real version so please stop trying to look like him? It doesn’t work on us.

The one that doesn’t tell you what he wants

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure I speak for most girls when I say that we like to know what’s going on inside a boy’s head. Friends? More than friends? Enemies? What are we?!

The one who’s obsessed with Code

Unless you’re a fresher, being obsessed with Code can be an ick. And why is it their only personality trait? How do you expect to find someone on Hinge if you spend your Tuesday nights chanting “whoop there it is”?

The one that’s in a band

With the influence of Arctic Monkeys, it’s no wonder Sheffield is full of indie bands. Being able to say “my boyfriend is in a band” is the dream for most. But, in Sheff, it seems as though boys in a band don’t want to know anything about you. All they want to talk about is themselves. Avoid.

The DJ

Handy for house parties, DJs tend to be everyone’s favourite type of person. Not only do they tend to have elite music taste, but they have the gear to be able to perform at any birthdays and parties you want.

The player

These are everywhere. You follow their Instagram, do some stalking, and find out they have a girlfriend. Disgusting behaviour.

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